Microneedling is one of the most natural and effective methods of nonsurgical skin rejuvenation available today. In a series of treatment sessions, you will enjoy skin that is smoother, softer and more youthful. Aging symptoms like fine lines and brown spots will also be visibly diminished.

Microneedling is also called collagen induction therapy because the process triggers collagen production by the body. The device used for this procedure creates micro-channels in the dermal structure that jumpstart the skin’s healing function. In addition to increasing collagen levels, the treatment encourages the regeneration of new skin cells for a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance. The microneedling process is both quick and comfortable.

This treatment provides you with just the amount of correction you need – no more, no less. The needles are delivered via a small, pen-like or roller device that is smoothly run across the surface of the skin in the treatment area. Most patients head back to their routine as soon as they leave our office.