There are not enough wonderful things I could say about Dr. Linda. I had been searching for a new injector for quite some time and was so happy to have found her! She is, by far, the most experienced and knowledgeable injector and has earned my complete trust. She also has the sweetest, most warm and friendly personality. It’s truly a pleasure to visit her office and I always know I’m going to leave with the most beautiful, natural results. Her best quality is that she will go above and beyond to achieve perfection… and that is the most important thing to me; I know she really cares.

Brooke B

She is very patient, knowledgeable and answered ALL my questions and concerns. I really appreciated how she was thorough in her explanation of procedures. Very professional and easy to talk to.

Kathern U

I went in for botox and left more than pleased I had some work at a diffrent place done over 3 years ago and have had discoloration and a lump for the whole 3 years I’ve seen several diffrent people after and no one said they could fix it or knew exactly what it was not only did she notice it and know why and how to fix it but she took care of me today it ment so much to see my face again how it use to be I could not be more thankful

Heather A

Dear Dr. G. So I came in, I was on my way out of the country to say my marriage vows, in a panic because I wanted to look my best. Well I must say thank YOU, thank you! I have had Botox treatments all over the U.S. and never received the results I received from you. I am amazed, I have never received such dramatic results, all fine lines, crows feet and frown lines, GONE!! I have never been so pleased, and I look radiant as a bride should. Thank you Linda, you were truly a Godsend.

My Botox Emergency

Dr. Gilliland’s trained eye and expertise placed the Botox injections exactly in the precise places to pull the muscles up and relax those frowns and squints.I trusted her with my face and her filler injections along with the Botox took years off my over all appearance.

Jill M.

Simply the best, most experienced injector in Central Florida. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Mike D.

Dr. Gilliland never disappoints me. She is the only one I trust with facial fillers and Botox applications. She is a highly-skilled cosmetic injector with an eye for beauty and natural results.

Ana C.